Tuesday, 6 March 2018


Vision and Mission of the Department


To be a leading technological institute committed to nurture student centered learning experience through outcome and skill based transformative education to create technocrats and leaders for the service of society and nation


  1. To provide an educational experience that transforms students into competent engineering professionals and responsible citizens.
  2. To provide an academic ambiance to flourish new ideas, research interest, leadership, team spirit and ethics.
  3. To strive for excellence in faculty and students by encouraging skills development, creativity, capability and applicability.   
  4. To contribute in the service of society by participation of faculty, staff and students in socio-economic and socio-cultural activities.
  5. To work on Research and Development projects and offer consultancies in core and interdisciplinary areas of engineering to strengthen the education and research ecosystem.
  6. To establish the linkages with apex educational and research institutions at national level and emerge into a Center of Excellence.

Term Test I Marks

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